My dear friend, Terri, is always full of creative and surprising ideas, besides her wise fables. LOL This time, she got me very excited about the cake she ordered for her daughter, Alison's 14th birthday. She asked for a nabeyaki udon cake because noodle soup is Alison's favorite food. Wow! How interesting is that! Since Alison always orders the nabeyaki udon from a Taiwanese snack restaurant, Sing Ba Leh, in Arcadia, California, I went there the next day, and ordered Alison's favorite dish-seafood nabeyaki udon. 


I decided to make the wood stand the cake base, and make the soup pot the decoration. I thought this should not be too difficult, and it really was not that hard to make the food objects. As for the soup base, I thought I would use the gelatin for it, and all together it looked really nice.



Then I started to bake the chocolate cake per Terri's order. After a couple hours of leaving the soup decoration to set, I noticed that it started to break down. 




Oh, no! This is not looking good at all! I forgot that gelatin is full of water, and it would surely melt the fondant away!! Oh, my whole afternoon's work is now going down the gelatin soup!!! :-(

Good thing the cake is due the next day afternoon, so I still have time to make a new batch. My next best thing that would mimic a soup base should be the piping gel then, I thought. I left a small piece of fondant in a cup of piping gel for a couple hours, and yes, it was fine! :-)

The final product seems really full and a little dry since the "pot" needs to be smaller to fit on the cake, and I thought the first bowl was too soupy, so I cut down on the piping gel... But, it looks pretty delicious for a udon noodle pot, and I like it!




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