Two Sundays ago (10/17/2010) I ran into Mrs. Lee (李基藏牧師娘) in church, and she gave me some of her house farmed grapes. The grapes were deliciously sweet; however, they were a bit small and the seeds were big, so I decided to make better use of them-to grow wild yeast. I've always wanted to try "capturing", "culturing" or "growing" wild yeast for quite some time, but have never been brave enough to start.

Tada! After a week of keeping the yeast alive, I made my first sourdough bread this morning with the wild yeast I harvested last night.

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謝謝小瑛的啟發, 讓我也勇敢地踏出耕耘 blog 的第一步. 不過夜已深, 剛開張就要去睡覺了! 晚安.

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