1) Getting more sour!

The bread continues to get more sour every day! I guess if you prefer to have it more sour, you should let it "ripe" over time after it's baked...

Toasted and slathered with fermanted butter

(Toasted and slathered with fermanted butter, very yummy! Quite sour tasting after two days...)

I baked another loaf with whole wheat flour (instead of 3 cups bread flour, it was 2 cups plus 1 cup whole wheat) this morning, and it did not rise as well as the other loaf. Probably because I failed to preheat the oven and pot properly? Or the weather is too chilly this morning? Is it the less wet dough? Or maybe it's simply the whole wheat flour that's lacking the structure? Yeah, maybe all of the above!

Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread

(Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread - You can see how much denser this loaf is compare to the previous one.)

2) So much starter!

I did not throw away half of the starter in the process of growing it as many recipes call for, instead, I started it with half amount of the grape jiuce. Now it has multiplied, and I have enough starter to bake two loaves a day! After the whole wheat loaf this morning, I've decided to store the starter in the refrigerator for a while; oh, I fed it with a portion of the flour and water before leaving it in the fridge, of course.

Anyway, I plan to dry it up, and get it ready for give-aways later! I'll post it when it's ready.

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