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Frances 在 Facebook 裡 post 了照片和評語:

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The cake is not only pretty but also delicious -- chocolate with strawberry mousse. Never tasted such good tasting strawberry mousse!
see how much real strawberry is in the mousse -- when you bite into the cake, the fresh strawberry tidbits with its refreshing strawberry aroma, mixed with the creamy decadent chocolate cake, just melts in your mouth!

(Frances 真是太給面子了! 謝謝妳, Frances!)

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(Frances, Elyse and Nana)

密友 Frances 訂了一個蛋糕給女兒予予的 17 歲生日, 是一個草莓慕斯夾心的巧克力蛋糕. 予予從小就愛塗塗畫畫, 從沒學過畫畫但是就是那麼的有天份! 她的漫畫越畫越好, 看他的連結就知道: FacebookDeviant Art

我在 Facebook 上看到她畫的一個坐在心型床上的一個娃娃, 就很想做這個蛋糕給她. 不過還差很遠! 哈哈,以後再改進吧! 予予,  生日快樂! 很愛妳喔!

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  • Frances Yeh
  • Thanks Mindi! Elyse and her friends LOOOOVE the cake! It's so beautiful! And delicious too! This is the best cake she ever had. Thanks for making her bday so special!
  • Oh, Frances! The pleasure is all mine! I love making cakes like this anytime for all my dear friends!

    Mindi 於 2011/01/09 23:58 回覆