Baby Shower Cake - Final

Finally had the baby shower cake made! It's a chocolate cake with strawberry mousse filling and fondant covered decorations.

It was a cake for two baby showers in one for Min-Ling's two colleagues. I wanted to make either two expectant moms or two baby girls. It turned out to be two baby girls in craddles, with a slight difference in color schemes; one peach, and one mauve. I bumped into some difficulties when I was covering the cake with fondant. Since I wanted the cake to taste good, I made it with mousse filling. I usually crumb coat the cake with the same mousse, and then frost it with whipped cream to make sure that it's delicious, and the result is usually satisfactory with my guests. But, here I wanted to cover it with fondant, this means I have to trade the mousse crumb coat with something that contains more fat, so that the fondant covering won't melt and run. Anyway, it took me awhile to completely give up on mousse crumb coating the cake, and to use the strawberry cream cheese frosting which is way too sweet to me.

After I finished with the decorations, I thought it looked pretty good, except the quilting. Since the cake was a very moist and spongy chocolate cake, it was soft to begin with, and the mousse, of course, was pretty soft, too. I was not sure about freezing the cake because of the mousse filling; I didn't want to run into the risk of ruinning the good filling. So, when I tried to "quilt" the cake, the "sewing" impression almost did not work at al with the usually "quilting" tools. I could hardly see it! So I switched to using a knife for sharper impressions, but then some areas were cut by the sharp blade. I had to flip the knife over to use the back of it, and it worked better at the end.

Baby Shower Cake - Original Plain Background

(The unsatisfactory quilt in it's plain look.)

Min-Ling was a little disappointed with the plain look of the cake at first; it's not princessy enough, she said. Why not more flowers, the rosebuds are pretty, but too few... And then it darned on me that she did say many times that she wanted a princess cake!! So I tried to fix it with more roses, piped, the best I could do at the very last minute. It did not work! Min-Ling said maybe more of the little flowers on the quilt connecting spots, but we really ran out of time, so I added just the pearls... Now she was happy! Yes, this is more like it! She said. Hahaha... My sister! Yes, I like it much better, too.

Baby Shower Cake - with Roses

(To recure the plain look - the first try.)

Baby Shower Cake - Final

(The final result - happy ending!)

p.s. Min-Ling said they all loved it! And very delicious, too! She even got me an order! Yay, so happy!

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